Digital native/immigrant notion can be misleading

Prensky's 'digital natives' and 'digital immigrants' dichotomy is just one current incarnation of the old "generation gap" cliché. Yes, I do concede that there might be a gap in the general knowledge and skills of what is happening in youth culture and what is happening in the culture of the parents of today's youth. I... Continue Reading →

App Suggestions for Learning Activities in BYOD Classrooms

Even with device neutral assignments or web-based creation or collaboration tools, students in #BYOD friendly schools might still be looking for app suggestions to match the particular learning task they are engaged in.  There are some incredibly detailed resources available, such as Allan Carrington's "padagogy" wheel.  But, if you are looking for something a little... Continue Reading →

BYOD: Normalizing PEDs in schools

It is old news that teaching with technology is not "about the technology" but more "normalizing the technology" so that it is an integrated part of day-to-day learning for students. BYOD is currently an initiative in many school districts but it is really just the name given for the catch up period for schools. I... Continue Reading →

Use BYOD to revitalize the WebQuest

As you are probably aware, a WebQuest is an online, project-based learning activity in which students actively participate in authentic tasks based on web resources using web 2.0 tools. A WebQuest exploits inquiry-oriented learning in which students are not only finding information but also using information to create new knowledge, learn new skills, and explore... Continue Reading →

The story of our iPad implementation – Teacher reflections and tips

[Note: I am very pleased to include this guest post on my blog.  The following reflection was written by @zikmanistobin and @LynnDesh. It  highlights various issues they faced when implementing iPads into classrooms at the elementary school where they teach.  The tips section at the end is especially valuable, I think, to educators who are either considering the iPad... Continue Reading →

Boost learning outcomes by transforming student learning tasks

As a teacher, you are probably very interested in how you can more effectively integrate technology into the learning tasks of their students. The most important words in this goal are: more effectively. Every teacher I know does use technology in a variety of different ways and they do promote and model its use for... Continue Reading →

Outstanding iPad Resources for Teachers

[Updated: April 28, 2013] No matter what level of educational iPad user you are, the following list of iPad specific web sites provides a depth and breadth of resources. Apps for Children with Special Needs - This link takes you to the A-Z index of app 'how-to' videos. This site produces an extensive library of... Continue Reading →

VoiceThread Example – Grade 2 – Making a Snack

This VoiceThread was created in 40 minutes with a grade 2 class of 21 students.  The objective was to create a media text that captured a familiar procedure, that is, making a snack.  Students were highly motivated and engaged and this was not only due to the fact they would be leaving that day with... Continue Reading →

Blogging for Beginners – ECOO session

Royan Lee (@royanlee) is using student facilitators during his session at this year's ECOO conference in Richmond Hill. In fact, it seems appropriate that I blog about this because I am sitting here now in the middle of his session at ECOO. He brought with him ten student facilitators, all from classes he teaches, to... Continue Reading →

Useful iOS 6 features for teachers (iPad specific)

[Updated: March, 2013] With every new iOS release, Apple is building in more and more under the hood.  You are probably aware of many of these features but, in any case, here is a brief roundup of some that teachers whom I work with have found very useful, especially in a one-iPad classroom.  The features outlined... Continue Reading →

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