Blogging for Beginners – ECOO session

Royan Lee (@royanlee) is using student facilitators during his session at this year’s ECOO conference in Richmond Hill. In fact, it seems appropriate that I blog about this because I am sitting here now in the middle of his session at ECOO. He brought with him ten student facilitators, all from classes he teaches, to sit at each table and lead the beginner adult bloggers in setting up their site, answering questions about how blogs can be used, and sharing their own blogging experiences.

Emily, the facilitator at our table, is excellent. She is actively answering questions and helping the participants at the table set up their new blogs. She outlined the advantages of using but also was interested to hear about other blogging sites. She shared with us her personal blog site about fashion. Royan has just finished addressing the group and strongly encourages teachers to blog personally first in order to get to know how it works and experiment with posting and commenting.

This session is also a great example of how students can be active participants in learning to use social media. This is the subtext of the workshop that I am sure Royan has consciously designed into the session. It is powerful that students are here and can answer questions firsthand about their experiences with blogging.

Here is the link to the Google doc Royan created for this session:

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