App Suggestions for Learning Activities in BYOD Classrooms

Even with device neutral assignments or web-based creation or collaboration tools, students in #BYOD friendly schools might still be looking for app suggestions to match the particular learning task they are engaged in.  There are some incredibly detailed resources available, such as Allan Carrington’s “padagogy” wheel.  But, if you are looking for something a little less complicated (and one that includes other platforms such as Android), take a look at this comparison chart, created by my colleague @tina_zita. It contains various app/tool suggestions for students using iOS or Android devices, web-based tools, or Ontario Ministry of Education licensed applications (see OSAPAC).  The learning task categories on the chart are:

  • Create a digital story
  • Organize ideas
  • Create an animation
  • Capture thinking
  • Create a game

Only two of the mobile device apps in the chart below are not free, that is, iMovie and Explain Everything. A free iOS-based option for creating a digital story is Puppet Pals HD (note: the paid version, called “Director’s Pass” allows for your own images to be used rather than just the ones that come with the app).  And a free iOS-based option for capturing thinking is Educreations Interactive Whiteboard.  Remember, too, that there is a free VoiceThread iOS app.

Files:  PNG image   ::   JPG image   ::   PDF (with links)


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