Outstanding iPad Resources for Teachers

[Updated: April 28, 2013]

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No matter what level of educational iPad user you are, the following list of iPad specific web sites provides a depth and breadth of resources.

  • Apps for Children with Special Needs – This link takes you to the A-Z index of app ‘how-to’ videos. This site produces an extensive library of instructional videos of useful iPad apps for teachers and caregivers of children with special needs.
  • ESL Techies – Large collection of ELL specific educational technology posts; many iPad app category posts. Best content: the blog post entitled “iPads for ELLs: Enhancing Critical Thinking”
  • “I Want my Students to:___” – Student learning task matrix connects to chart of suggested possibly relevant iPad apps that might be useful for that task. Also includes summary of app, iTunes AppStore link, cost, ratings.
  • TPACK iPad Project in Schools (TIPS) – An online guide for using iPads in classrooms. Best content: the app recommendations are great and include information about each app such as if it requires wifi to work, cost, and target user (e.g., students, teachers, administrators)
  • Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything – iPads in the Classroom – Massive set of links to iPad resources such as tutorials and deployment support. Best content: Classroom uses of the iPad section
  • iPads in Education – Mostly an app guide but great information about using iPads effectively. This site looks great on the iPad, too! Best Content: iPads in Schools & The ‘Agile’ Space pages.
  • Balanced EdTech: iPad – Excellent iPad wiki with extensive information and resources. This is a great resource to support educators who are exploring the potential of iPad technology for learning and instruction. Best content: self-paced iPad workshop and apps list by category on main page.
  • Naace Case Study: The iPad as a Tool For Education – Research report of extensive study of iPad implementation at Longfield Academy in the UK (students aged 11-18). Best Content: Read the Executive Summary on page 6 to determine if you want to delve deeper into the study.
  • 5 Critical Mistakes Schools Make with iPads (and how to correct them) – Very insightful list that every educator should read who is planning to implement iPads into a classroom/school. Best Content: Each of the five points is worth some serious reflection time.
  • Getting ready for iPad deployment: ten things I’d wish I’d known about last year – Great article with many insightful statements about iPad integration in classrooms. Best content: #10
  • The Teachers iPad Spectrum – interesting examples of how students can use iPads to collaborate, research, and create content. Best content: the ideas in the produce (create) column.
  • Apps in Education: Creating ePortfolios – Some ideas for apps to use for ePortfolio creation. Best app: VoiceThread
  • iPad 4 Schools – Great blog with excellent posts about using iPads in your classrooms.  Topics include iPad vs. iPad Mini, gaming, 21st Cen mLearning, 4Cs (using edtech in the service of learning and to foster creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking), etc.
  • 7th Grade iPad Presentations – Video of grade seven students explaining how they use iPads when learning in the classroom. Best content: the first student presenter; she is very enthusiastic about her use of ABC Notes.
  • Richard Colosi YouTube Channel – Grade one teacher has uploaded several videos showing how iPads are used in his classroom. Best one: Frog and Toad Get an iPad

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