Integration of Technology – Sandbox Visualization

There are some interesting parallels between a sandbox where technology is integrated and a classroom where technology is integrated. There is a great article called Seriously Considering Play by Lloyd P. Rieber in which his description of a sandbox as a natural Microworld intrigued me. A sandbox where technology is integrated A classroom where technology is integrated Can... Continue Reading →

Reluctant Student Bloggers

I had a great conversation with some middle school teachers recently. They have been using Kidblog to encourage their students to share ideas, thoughts, and reflections with the rest of the class. It has been working well but one teacher brought up the point that there always seems to be a subset of her students... Continue Reading →

Another Adavantage of BYOD – IYOA (Install Your Own Apps)

For many years, board owned computers have been used in schools and usually they are locked down. In other words, they come with a pre-selected set of applications for students and teachers to use in their daily work of learning and teaching… and that’s it. Special software is usually installed to prevent new software installations... Continue Reading →

What were the gears of my childhood?

The idea I reflect upon most often from Mindstorms is the one in the foreword. In it, Seymour Papert presents the thesis of his book and probably of his career as well. He discusses his childhood fascination with gears and how they developed into powerful, personal and lovely objects to think with. He was able... Continue Reading →

At long last…

Hello world!  Welcome to my first public blog post. I have been active on Twitter for a while now and there are times when I want a little more than 140 characters to discuss an issue related to educational technology, pedagogy, psychology, or science.  I've started this blog as a place for those ideas. Special... Continue Reading →

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