10 Good Things

Thanks to a challenge from Tina and Jay, two of my #peel21st colleagues, I wrote a list of ten good things about my professional practice right now. As Jay noted, it’s always tempting to be critical but it always helps to consciously reflect on the good things that are happening.

So, here is my list of ten good things going on right now for me professionally.

  1. Professional relationship with teachers – nothing really exciting happens unless a trusting, positive relationship is in place. I am so fortunate to work regularly with so many educators who are as excited about their own learning as they are about their students’ learning.
  2. The students in our school system, as Neil Postman has said, “are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.” I am grateful to be reminded every day that they are the reason to take our job seriously and always remember that we are shaping the future with every interaction we have with each student.
  3. As far as I can tell, Twitter is continuing to be the perfect tool for connecting educators. They love it because it they can join and participate in conversations quickly and because of the way it works, they can take just a few minutes out of a busy day to catch up on some tweets or invest a few hours to participate in chats and share ideas.
  4. Similar to Jay and Tina, I do love blogging and wish I could write more than I do. Even as I type this, I am hyper aware of the five draft posts that sit in my blog waiting more attention. I do need to try harder not to be so perfectionist before I hit the publish button.
  5. My team of ITRTs never fail to support, inspire and inform each other. I am grateful every day that I am part of this team. We all love the role we play and I sometimes wonder if it’s because we are constantly challenged to learn new things and look at circumstances from the perspective of others so that we can support them better…
  6. Mobile technology has the potential to really make a difference for students. I am grateful for how this technology is flooding into every aspect of our lives and becoming the norm. It brings new challenges, I know that all too well; but, I think, it has the capability to personalize learning and shift more control into the hands of learners. The trick is working hard to make that happen. That’s why I love my job and why I am so lucky to be involved in edtech at this particular point in time.
  7. Participating and presenting at conferences, such as ECOO/BringIT and CONNECT, are also highlights each year because it can mean new connections with educators, face to face conversations/lunch with educators already in my network, and learning new things about pedagogy and technology that I can take away and share with the teachers I support.
  8. I am grateful to Seymour Papert for being a constant inspiration to find really exciting, engaging and effective ways to use technology in a way that impacts learning at the deepest levels. It’s amazing to read his decades-old books and articles and to realize that they represent a powerful vision that has yet to be realized in education. But, I think recently, we are making real progress.
  9. Tim Hortons plays a significant part in my professional development by providing refreshment every day and ‘roll up the rim’ fun every February. I do think we need a Tims location attached to every Ontario school facility. They are already in most hospitals. There’s the precedent. How about it, Minister Sandals?
  10. I am grateful for ‘tomorrow’ because it always represents a new beginning, another chance to connect and work and play and learn together with my colleagues and their students. As corny as that sounds, it’s true. And, at least for me, thinking in that way always makes it easier when one has a discouraging day. Tomorrow always holds as much potential as one can imagine.

I’m sending out a challenge to my other ITRT colleagues (Dave, Ed, Samir, Graham, & Tracy) to write their #10goodthings post!

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